Seaweed Treatment


This new Irish seaweed treatment which has evolved to satisfy modern day needs was launched in Kinvara in April 2006.  Harvested on the west coast of Ireland, the fresh seaweed is formed to a smooth paste for luxurious pampering. This treatment is delivered under the professional care of trained staff in the bright, warm environment of our be-spoke treatment rooms.  A supple application of this 100% natural, 100% organic product will unlock the goodness of the sea releasing a wealth of minerals to soothe aches and banish cares. 


One of nature's purifiers, seaweed exfoliates and draws out impurities from the skin. Removing dead cells it cleanses and refreshes, enhancing cellular renewal. This toning effect boosts circulation. Seaweed cells reflect the content of human plasma and as such balances cellular energy. This paste is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are obsorbed and nurture the body. Under the guidance of a qualified therapist, the warm paste is applied to the body while enveloped in warmth. Marine nutrients help the relaxation process and allow lymphatic drainage to begin. The goodness infuses to create a radiant glow and transform the body to an oasis of calm. A sense of tranquillity mingled with the benefit of being personally cared for, soothes the body, mind and soul.

In summary Cóireáil Feamainne buffs, rejuvenates, hydrates through the skin, nourishes and harmonises the body. Empowering yet not overpowering.